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Sunday, July 1, 2012

vReveal - Smart Video Enhancement Software

vReveal is a set of easy-to-use tools that can greatly enhance the quality of your videos. Unfortunately, its saving capabilities leave a lot to be desired.

The program's interface is quite sleek and intuitive. Users can open videos manually or have the program scan for all existing videos, which are then represented by thumbnails in the program's gallery. Users then select the video they want to work with and choose from a variety of basic, one-click options and fine-tuning tools. Among the one-click options are tools to clean, sharpen, and stabilize videos; the fine-tuning options allow users to adjust each of these manually to achieve the desired result. One of the program's best features is its preview capability; users can view their videos with the left side of the screen showing the original version and the right side showing the applied enhancements. On the whole, we liked the program a lot, but with some limitations.

vReveal works with nearly any video format. Open and edit files from their original location.The most advanced enhancement for your home videos. Easy to use "one-click" stabilization, noise cleanup, and color-correction.Finish your video quickly and get back to your life. Review, Edit, and Export in seconds, not hours. 

vReveal makes it easy to manage, fix, and share your videos. Whether you need to tame your video library or make your favorite video moments shine, you'll enjoy vReveal's simplicity and power. Try it and you'll soon discover that it's the only video app you need.

vReveal uses award-winning technology to get rid off bad shake in your video clips. There is no need to wait (unlike other apps) - vReveal can stabilize all your shaky videos on the fly.

With vReveal’s easy-to-use enhancement controls you can quickly fix common video problems like shake, poor lighting, or incorrect color (also known as white balance). We promise it's the easiest no-video-editing-experience-required application you've ever used.

One-Click-Fix automatically selects the optimal enhancements for your video. Stabilization smooths your shaky vidoes, dynamic auto-contrast fixes both dark and bright scenes, and auto white-balance makes sure your colors are true (even if you were recording under fluorescent lights).

To clean your videos from camera noise and compression artifacts, use vReveal’s exclusive Clean filter. It relies on the state-of-the-art multi-frame video processing to get rid of noise and leave you with crisp and clean video.

Want to take a REALLY wide photo but don't have time to use a complicated panorama program? You can now create incredible panoramas from video with vReveal.

Add a beautiful title in seconds. Enter the caption, set the duration, and pick one of vReveal's many elegant and fun title templates.

  • Video Software, Reimagined.
  • Fix your Shaky Video
  • Live Gallery (Integrate with Picasa)
  • Unrivalled Enhancements
  • Clean Noise
  • Panorama

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